Tactile Diagrams in science and mathematics for the Visually Impaired

Semi-automated creation of Tactile Diagrams from images for helping visually impaired in isualization and understanding of Mathematics and Science diagrams

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Lack of accessible resources is a huge impediment for the education of the visually impaired. According to the 2011 Census of India, there are more than 11 lakh visually impaired children in the age group 5-19, 68% of whom attend school, 11.5% have dropped out of school and 20.5% have never attended school. The challenges in education for visually impaired students in India include their large numbers, dispersed distribution, diversity of languages in the country, and education systems across vernacular mediums. There are signi cant barriers especially in pursuing Science and Mathematics based courses, mainly due to unavailability of simple and e ective ways to present mathematical notations comprising of equations, diagrams, and other complex interpretations to the student. This project tries to solve one such problem: visualization and understanding of Mathematics and Science diagrams for the visually impaired through the creation of Tactile Diagrams from images.

Principle Investigators
  • Vision Empower Trust