Clinical decision support solution (CDSS)

Clinical decision support solution (CDSS)

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused severe disruptions across the world. EHRC develops a clinical decision support system for the Physicians in order to help with COVID-19 on EHR.Network


EHRC is collaborating with HealtheLife & DHIndia Association to create a Clinical Decision Support System(CDSS) backed minimal triage application for front-line clinics. This application will help doctors screen suspected COVID-19 patients as per the latest National/State protocols. We will be making this  application available on mobile and web in time for the expected COVID-19 peak in India. In the second phase, we also plan to make the CDSS available as a service that any application can integrate with.


  • Decision Support backed COVID-19 screening tool.
  • Protocols curated by a panel of expert physicians.
  • Simple mobile and web applications for tele-triage.
  • “CDSS as a service” for 3rd party applications.
  • Support for multiple protocols - state/central/custom.
  • Centrally managed CDSS protocols for rapid updates across the board.
  • Standards based EHR repository, useful for analysis & public health research.
  • Extensible to continuing clinical management of patients.
  • Dashboards & reports on screening patterns.

Uniqueness of the solution:

  • Support for multiple evolving protocols.
  • Dynamic form generation for seamless UI integration.
  • Standards compliance.
    • Indian EHR standards compliant platform.
    • openEHR based solution that enables evolving, reusable & shared clinical models.
    • Coded and computable data for intelligent insights - SNOMED CT, openEHR.
  • OECD “Privacy by Design” principles for data privacy.
  • Aligned with OWASP top 10 web security guidelines .

More details at this blog

Team Members: Nitesh, Prashant, Shalin, Divya Raj, Prof. T.K.Srikanth

Principle Investigators