Covid-19 Stranded Migrant Workers Helpdesk Platform

Covid-19 Stranded Migrant Workers Helpdesk Platform

Nationwide lock-down amidst the COVID-19 pandemic has critically dislocated the migrant population,EHRC has planned creating a platform that enables Help-desk operations for the migrant workers who are stranded due to the Covid-19 lockdown

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Covid-19 lockdown and its extension have very badly hit lacs of Migrant workers across the states. Their issues range from food, shelter, money, medical to threatenings, law and order. Unfortunately none of the states have any registered count of Migrant workers who are stranded due to the Covid-19 lockdown. With the lack of this information, the states especially the ones with a high number of migrants, are struggling and looking for options to locate the migrants, understand the challenges and explore feasible options to help them through government and civil society channels. There is a strong desire among these migrants to travel back to their home states.

E-Health Research Center team (of IIIT-Bangalore) worked with PHIA Foundation in collaboration with Government of Jharkhand to create a cloud-based digital platform that enables Helpdesk operations covering end-to-end management of helpdesk requests including follow-ups, tracking nd and closures on all help requests, collaboration with Government departments and  Civil Society Organizations, automated generation of Reports, dashboards, analytics and data visualizations.

The benefits delivered through this platform include:

  • Higher productivity in handling requests and collaborating for reaching out the needy
  • Consolidated and reliable data quality
  • Effective Collaboration amongst Government and non-government organizations and channels
  • Leveraging data analytics and visualization for identification of hotspots and effective prioritization
  • End to end closure of Help Requests


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